Solo Creation




Born at the Festival PhénomenaCabaret DadaMomentum, then re-written in 2017 for the book launch of Queer Play, An Anthology of Queer Women’s Performance and Plays, at Buddies in Bad Times Theater, in Toronto.

A portable theater, for a face, a mouth that wants to get out of his hinges. A “QUEER” woman who tries to free herself through words. To literally get out of the FRAMEWORK, of the normative. Exploding the image, destroying her frame, pre-established, pre-digested. Love with a big A is feminine or it is not. A feminist ode of freedom, having in filigree the cult movies of the 1970’s Love Story and I never promised you a rose garden.

Direction, interpretation, text, costume, props, music: Nathalie Claude

Lenght: 5 minutes.

Photos and painting © Julie McInnes

Photo © Caroline Hayeur

Photos © Annie Gibson