Broken Brain 101
Broken Brain 101, A technicolor vision of madness. The heroine reveals her splendour in a free but alarming way . video, photos.
solos, trilogy, characters, scene, sadness, laugh, tears, Creator, director, performer, text, costume
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The Madness Trilogy


Broken Brain 101


Created for Studio 303Edgy Women”; Broken Brain 101 is a burlesque exposé on clinical madness throughout women’s history, where the heroine reveals her splendour in a free but alarming way. Trapped in a lemon-yellow straightjacket, she takes back her own dignity by totally giving herself in front of the audience, revealing her whole body and soul through shamanic and ecstatic transformations. In 2006 through the Montreal Fringe Festival, it received the “Audience Award” given by TOHU (La Cité des Arts du Cirque).

A technicolor vision of madness, through the lens of women’s history. What is the difference between normal and abnormal, between sanity and insane? It’s time to question your own mental illness. Be aware: straight jacket, saliva and deep hysteria will occur. Sensible hearts, refrain.

Creator, director, performer, text, costume: Nathalie Claude

Soundtrack, original music: Isabelle lussier

Length: 22 minutes. Text in french and english.

Photos © Sasha La Photographe