Co-Creations and Group Pieces



Created for the Phenomena Festival/Sala Rossa/Cabaret DadaMomentum


DADAOeil is a dada-artistic meeting between Nathalie Claude and Céline Bonnier.
Falling back back into a fictitious, hypnotic and depressed adolescence, lulled by the haunting sound of their respective instruments: the piccolo, and the flute, they will discover a new VISION of unsuspected borders.

By tearing the EYES literally, they rediscover the joy of life, unity, a new meaning beyond what’s seen, what’s visible.

Creation, text, staging, interpretation: Céline Bonnier and Nathalie Claude
Costumes, accessories: Nathalie Claude
Musical composition for piccolo and flute: Julie McInnes
LIVE Music: Jean-Frédéric Messier and Julie McInnes
Soundtrack: Lili Cauchon
Design of torn eyes: Stéphanie Savoie

Photos © Caroline Hayeur