Rabbit-I, A giant blue rabbit, transforms into a caricatural hunter. A children’s fairytale but a little distorted. View video and photos.
solos, trilogy, characters, scene, sadness, laugh, tears, Creator, director, performer, text, costume
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The Madness Trilogy




The first instalment Rabbit-I (2005) is a free study about the forces opposing the multiple personalities that define us. The piece is built like a children’s fairytale but somehow a little distorted. A giant blue rabbit, transforms into a caricatural hunter, on the quest for hunting rabbits, but along the way transforms into a “Nathalie Claude” searching for herself, trying to catch her own tail, her own essence. It was created for Studio 303 “Edgy Women” festival.

“Welcome to my fairytale, my dream, my nightmare. Enter inside my head and witness my descent into the abyss of my soul, where I will face my worst enemy: ME.”

Creator, director, performer, text, costume: Nathalie Claude

Soundtrack, original music: Isabelle lussier

Length: 16 Minutes. Text in french and english.

Photos © Sasha La Photographe