Photo © Rolline Laporte

Published by Playwrights Canada Press

edited by Moynan King

Featuring the written scripts of the solos : Lapine-Moi/Rabbit-I, and Cerveau fêlée 101/Broken Brain 101, by Nathalie Claude.


Published in: JEU Revue de théâtre (number 159)-Dossier Sexe

by Nathalie Claude

Je suis une entité lesbienne invisible, mais ô combien théâtrale. Dommage que vous m’oubliez à sécher dans ma garde-robe…

Published in: Once More, With Feeling: Five Affecting Plays by Playwrights Canada Press

by Moynan King

The Salon Automaton begins with a long slow lighting fade accompanied by an audio track that sounds like a historical version of muzak: simple, melodic, repetitive, and decidedly mechanical in its production.

is featured in the book:
Once More, With Feelings: Five Affecting Plays, edited by Erin Hurley.
Published by Playwrights Canada Press.

This anthology brings together plays that highlight different types of affective experience thematically in their content, dramaturgically in their structure, or technically in their production.


One-act comedy

by Nathalie Claude

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh que je me languis, que je me languis qu’elle vienne, mais qu’elle vienne donc, cette amie tellement attendue…

by Nathalie Claude

For now everything is calm in cell number 13, it is early morning, and everyone is sleeping. Mais aujourd’hui ne sera pas une journée ordinaire…

by Nathalie Claude

What a pity… Where are your friends, your musketeers, your lovely fighters, your fearsome legend, your devoted quartet?…