Solo Creation

A portable theater, for a face, a mouth that wants to get out of his hinges.

An evocative and eloquent firefighter-woman…

The Sadness Trilogy




Nathalie Claude’s Sadness Trilogy is composed of three physical theatre performances that were created during very sad moments of her life. The loss of her father is at the origin of The Luminous Shattered One (1999). Spleen (2002) was created following the death of her mother, and Popstar/Étoile Pop: The Sad One (2003) following a painful breakup. Despite the heavy subject matter and sad sources of inspiration, the result is three very luminous pieces. The melodramatic atmosphere translates into derision and absurdity, transporting the audience to a place sitting between tears and laughter. Each solo explores a different character: at first, a fallen angel literally ripping her heart out, then a very tragic and tormented “Electra”, and finally a popstar-to-be, ready to do anything. They were all created in Montreal at Studio 303 for its Edgy Women festival. They were performed individually or all together respectively in Canada, United States, Italy, Germany and Slovenia.

An ode to the pains of loss, its beauty; and life after all.

A woman alone, with a pain as dark as tar. Some roses. A sick muse.

Tonight she gives everything she has. She does not hesitate to open her heart and her soul in front of you.

The Madness Trilogy




The Madness Trilogy is inspired by madness in a concrete and figurative way. Travelling to more surrealist zones, this trilogy navigates through the unconscious and it’s meanderings. The results are pieces playing with the internal conflicts inherited by humanity; fear, anxiety, madness, and solitude. They are all explored in a mix of fairytale, nightmare, delirium, trance and mental obsession.


Created for Studio 303, Edgy Women Festival, Rabbit-I was performed in Canada, United States, Slovenia and Germany, and Broken Brain 101, was performed in Canada, and in the United States. The Salon Automaton, co-produced by Momentum and Usine C was performed first in Montreal, then in Toronto, at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. It also toured in Quebec province.

A free study about the forces opposing the multiple personalities that define us.

A burlesque exposé on clinical madness throughout women’s history.

In co-production with Momentum, and Usine C, this solo required many years of preparation, and extensive research to finally see the day.