Co-creations & Group Pieces


Conte extra-terrestre folklorique

Edgy Women, Studio 303/Mainline Theatre


Nathalie Claude and dancer/performer Danielle Lecourtois dreamed of creating a piece together. The starting premise was not to be limited in any way, and to voluntarily explore strange and singular areas. By chance, learning about the impending closure of the women’s clothing store rue Mont-Royal: “La Belle Renée”, they have found their starting point.
This unique store, frozen in time, was offering for so many years, new clothes dating from the 60’s-70’s-80’s, displayed in a messy retro ambience: it was an unparalleled place.
With nostalgia at its closing sale, Nathalie and Danielle bought several pairs of identical dresses, and two fallen showroom dummies, before bidding farewell to the sellers of this den of kitsch. And the project was born. Such clothing and mannequins have become living matter to write this story.

A mixture of “Alice in Wonderland” and craft and science fiction, a journey into another world between the rigor of the traditions of “Quakers” and a trance under strong Influences. A fashion show of “aunties”, where each layer hides another layer. An ode to the women who came before us: the forgotten, the workers, the dreamers, the “Madame tout le monde”.

“Two contemporary and resolutely modern women tell us, and take the time to absorb and dissolve while rocking themselves in a private underground. Plunge with them into this theatrical and psychedelic world, shrouded in smoke rituals, and home-made folk dancing. The question is: IS-THERE-A-LIMIT ?”

Creation, direction, choreography and interpretation: Nathalie Claude and Danielle Lecourtois.
Costumes : La Belle Renée, Nathalie Claude and Danielle Lecourtois.
Sound Design: Nathalie Claude, Danielle Lecourtois with the invaluable assistance of Isabelle Lussier.

Presented from March 30 to April 2, 2011, at the Mainline Theatre, Montreal

Photos © Valérie Sangin

Photo © Viva Delorme